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Our Helical Pier Foundation Solutions:

Residential Helical Piles

Helical piles are steel foundations that anchor buildings and homes, with a central shaft and helical plates for stability. They're perfect for new construction or retrofitting, easy to install, cost-effective, and disrupt the site less than traditional foundations. Helical piles can adapt to different soil conditions and meet specific needs for various building projects.

Commercial Helical Piles

Helical piles are steel shafts with spiral plates that provide resistance to soil and prevent the structure from sinking or shifting. They offer easy installation, minimal site disturbance, and quick load-bearing capacity. They are designed for heavy loads and are popular for commercial and industrial construction projects because they are cost-effective.


Solar foundation construction involves preparing and leveling the site, excavating, pouring concrete into holes, and installing vertical posts that support the mounting system. This system holds solar panels in place, which are then wired to the grid. A sturdy foundation ensures optimal sun exposure and stability for long-term renewable energy generation.


Pool foundation construction involves excavating the ground, adding a compacted layer of gravel, reinforcing with steel rebar, and pouring a solid concrete base for the pool walls and floor to ensure longevity and safety.

Retaining Wall

Retaining walls stop soil erosion. Proper foundation needs excavation, leveling, and filling with crushed stone. Wall size varies with height, soil, and drainage. Leveling is done after excavation and compacted for base. Footings are poured with concrete and steel bars. Using block or concrete, the wall construction starts. Follow codes and safety protocols for durability. Correctly installing one ensures years of stability and protection.


A deck foundation is crucial for support and stability of a deck. Footings are placed in holes and surrounded by concrete to make them durable. The footings must be strong and concrete or cement are good for that. Next, metal brackets connect deck posts to the footings and they are secured in place with bolts until the foundation is complete. Proper planning and attention to detail is critical to build a strong, stable and safe deck foundation.

Docks and Bridges

Docks and Bridges foundation construction involves creating a secure and stable base to hold heavy weight and withstand natural forces. Excavation and building conventional foundations like piles, piers, or caissons with reinforcement and concrete add additional strength. Once done, the bridge deck is built on top. This guarantees proper distribution of weight and support, ensuring safety and longevity of the bridge.


Pipeline foundation construction prepares the ground for secure pipeline installation. Skilled engineers clear, level, and excavate before building a foundation, typically from compacted soil, gravel, or concrete, with support from piers or anchors. After construction, the pipeline is tested for safety and reliability. Good pipeline construction ensures durability and strength.


You’ll see why we’ve earned the reputation as being one of the top new construction foundation companies in Colorado & why we offer a rock solid guarantee to back it up.


Site Safe Helical Piers
Based on 8 reviews
Google Rating
Based on 8 reviews
Site Safe Helical Piers
Based on 8 reviews
Excavated a sewer line repair for us and supported a compromised foundation with a couple helicals. Colton was prompt and professional.
Highly recommend Colton and his team. They were on time, priced fair, and are very responsive to our questions.
Call and ask for Colton – he was our project manager and took very good care of us. His crews were very professional and cleaned up well. We are very happy with Site Safe and their work.
Colton and team are great. We got 3 quotes and went with him. Their team is on top of everything. They were in and out in one day. I recommend them to everyone.
5 star company – Colton and Joe are very professional and communicate well!
We were referred to Colton and SSHP from a friend. They did a great job and were very professional. I would hire them for any of your helical pile foundation needs.
Called multiple helical companies and Colton was the only one that answered. He got our business and did great work.
I’m a realtor and am glad I found Colton and Site Safe. Every now and then we get foundation / helical pier requests and now we have a professional contractor to send them to.