Westminster, Colorado

Reside in Westminster, Colorado

Do you plan on relocating to Westminster, Colorado? Take a look at what life is like in Westminster right now!

Located in Adams and Jefferson counties, Westminster is just outside of Denver. With a population of around 116,317, it ranks as the 8th most populous city in Colorado. Similar to other western cities, Westminster experienced a population boom in the 1850s due to the discovery of gold. The residents of this city rave about its convenient location, beautiful scenery, and welcoming people. People who don’t want to live in the heart of Denver but still want to be close to one of the best places to live in Colorado are flocking to Westminster. Don’t forget to learn about Lakewood, Colorado here too.

Along Highway 36, it’s about a 20-minute drive to both Denver and Boulder. The city also has the Butterfly Pavilion and Standley Lake Regional Park, both of which are popular tourist destinations. For example, in 2006, Westminster was ranked as the twenty-fourth best place to live in the country by Money magazine. Read up on the best places to live in Westminster with our help.

I’m considering a move to Westminster; how is life there?

Westminster is home to a plethora of parks, recreational facilities, retail establishments, entertainment hotspots, dining options, and golf courses, and it also hosts a number of major corporations.

To help you decide if Westminster is the right place for you, we’ve put together this guide outlining some of the advantages and disadvantages of living there. Here are 13 facts about Westminster, Colorado, that you should be aware of BEFORE making the move there.

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