Englewood, Colorado

Brief Overview of Englewood, Colorado

Englewood, located in Arapahoe County, is only six miles south of Denver. The city’s convenient location within easy driving distance of the other municipalities that make up the Denver metropolitan area is a major plus. Don’t forget to learn about Commerce City, Colorado here too.

History of Englewood

In the middle of the 1800s, Georgian prospector William Green Russell and eleven other miners established the town of Englewood. While traveling westward to California, these men stopped in Colorado to pan the local streams for gold. With their newfound wealth, they established a Placer Camp nearby. When word spread that gold had been found in the area, more settlers flocked to it. When Thomas Skerritt arrived in 1864, he quickly became one of the area’s largest landowners, staking claim to 640 acres. He has earned the title “Father of Englewood” among locals.

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