Commerce City, Colorado

One of Colorado’s thriving economies, Commerce City was once a hub for transportation. Suburb in Adams County to the north of Denver.

The city’s population is projected to grow from 20,991 in 2000 to 62,418 in 2020, a significant increase in that time frame. People are drawn to the area because of its convenient location near Denver and the abundance of outdoor activities available there.

In terms of land mass, Commerce City is 25.9 square miles in size. This town in Adams County is home to the largest oil refinery in the Rocky Mountain region as well as 840 acres of parkland and open areas. Hiking and picnicking are just two of the many fun outdoor activities that can be enjoyed here by people of all ages. Don’t forget to learn about Arvada, Colorado here too.

Unexpectedly, graveyards are key to understanding Commerce City’s origins. In the later 1800s, the community established Rose Hill and Riverside Cemeteries. Simultaneously, classroom buildings appeared.

Until the 1920s, agriculture was still the main industry in the area. The Rocky Mountain Arsenal was established, and grain storage facilities and refineries were built.

Incorporated as a town in 1952, Commerce Town eventually absorbed some territory from neighboring Derby. Due to the dramatic rise in population, the town’s citizens decided to rebrand themselves as Commerce City. The population has grown rapidly in recent years, but residents are working hard to keep the town’s friendly, intimate atmosphere.

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